speed. skill. smarts.

The first licensed Hockey Canada skillS program in Manitoba, Canada.

OUR company

The name Evolution was chosen because our program embody this concept – always improving, always evolving.

We are Hockey professionals who are licensed and certified to teach the Hockey Canada skill development curriculum. Our passion is helping dedicated players, goaltenders, and coaches in the pursuit of excellence. Our speciality is developing skill, speed, and smarts. 

the mission

To lead, teach and grow the game of Hockey, helping & inspiring all levels of ability to advance to the next level

the vision

Be a leading multi sport & LTAD program where passionate Hockey people can chase their Hockey goals. We have the most competitive environment, that holds all members to a highest standards of effort

We Value: Effort, Accountability, Integrity, and Leadership

the team

We are a team of players, coaches and sports nerds who have decades of experience playing and coaching at the collegiate, professional and international levels of Hockey. Our team is comprised of National champions, Colligiate & professional athletes who thrive on sharing their passion and knowledge of Hockey to those with big dreams. We are the only licensed Hockey Canada skill development program in the province, and our goal is to help you become more technically proficient, tactically aware and mentally confident



Our most in-depth spring training program. Dedicated to atom and peewee aged players on the pathway to high performance. 

U15 and POE Prep

We deliver an on-ice environment directed at players on the path to high performance.



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high performance

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Skill Development

Add a weekly skill session to your winter schedule. Each session will work on the fundamentals in a fast paced, fun, safe environment. Available for novice, Atom, peewee.

GOALTENder Development

Small group training and 1-on-1 sessions available to help develop your skill in arguably one of the most difficult positions in sport.

schools and associations

We are proud to work closely with St Johns Ravenscourt and with a select few Winnipeg minor hockey associations. Providing player and goaltender skill development and coaching clinics.