Riley is a very intelligent person with an exceptionally strong desire for learning as he constantly expands his knowledge in order to provide his athletes with the most current information and best training methods. He is not a person who is satisfied with the status quo and continuously strives to find new and improved ways to complete a task. Riley is responsible for the on ice individual skill development of the players in the University of
Manitoba Bison Men’s Hockey program. He has performed amazingly in this role and has earned the utmost respect from our players and Coaches. The improvement in our player’s skill level throughout the course of this past season was tremendous and greatly contributed to our improved team performance in games. What makes Riley exceptional as a Skills Coach is his knowledge, analytical skills, innovative methods, the ability to personally demonstrate on ice technical skills, and his ability to communicate to the players how the skills transfer to a game situation. In his role with the Bisons, Riley worked with our players on skating, puck control, shooting and scoring, as well as position specific skills for forwards and defensemen.

– Mike Sirant, Head Coach University of Manitoba Bison

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