• What is Mentorship at Evolution?

The Evolution Hockey Mentorship Program is a 12 month program beginning the first of September each calendar year. It revolves around providing tailored support to players’ unique needs throughout their journey of engagement and growth. This approach is offered within the Mentorship program where we seek to address the diverse needs of players at their different stages. We aim to help players get better on and off the ice, through collaborative assessment. 

Our goal is to help your athlete take their performance to the next level by pairing them with a dedicated Evolution coach who is committed to their development, game play and personal growth. Their Evolution coach is here to support the athlete’s hockey journey. They will attend/watch games (where available), do video clipping and work with the skater/goalie to assess their needs, set clear goals and provide guidance. 

  • Who is Mentorship for?

The criteria is simple:
1. The athlete loves and is dedicated to their hockey journey,
2. The athlete competes at a high level, and  
3. The parents/families are positive people who are great to work with.

  • What is included in Mentorship?

1.) Game Visits: Three game visits/events per moth by your coach – Your coach with gather video content and provide feedback within 24 hours.

2.) CoachNow: Access to the CoachNow application where you will connect with your coach and be provided valuable content catered to your development.

3.) One-on-One’s: Five one-on-one’s to use throughout the 12 month program, talk to your coach about scheduling – additional one-on-one’s can be purchased at a discounted rate.

4.) Practice Planning: Based off of your in-game performance, your coach will work with you to develop a plan to hone in on specific skills.

5.) Player Development Meetings: Meetings with your coach throughout the 12 month program to connect, assess, ask questions and encourage accountability.

6.) Winter Club Membership: 12 month full access membership to the Winnipeg Winter Club – use of full facility encouraged.

  • Expectations of Mentorship?

Effective communication with your coach is crucial. 

Keep the following in mind:
– Regular Updates: stay in touch with your coach regularly to update them on your progress and discuss any challenges you’re facing.
– Ask Questions: Don’t hesitate to ask questions or seek clarification on any aspect of your training or development.
– Respect and Accountability: Show respect for you coach’s expertise and be accountable for your training and performance.

Find Success Through:

Commitment: Commitment is the foundation of a successful mentorship program, as it ensures that both the coach and athlete invest the time and effort necessary for growth and development.

Drive: Drive in sports is the catalyst that propels athletes to push their physical and mental limits, enabling them to continuously improve their skills and performance.

Enjoyment: When individuals find joy in sport, they are more likely to stay committed, learn effectively, and build meaningful relationships that endure beyond the program itself.

  • How do I get my athlete involved in Mentorship?

For information on pricing and other Mentorship inquiries, please reach out! 

contact: Zach Watson (General Manager)

contact: Brant Hilton (Director of Goaltending)