• What is Learn to Save?

Learn to Save is a new program within the Evolution Goaltending Network that launched in the spring of 2022. It is designed for goaltenders at the A1 to A3 level in the U9 to U15 age category brackets.

Learn to Save was developed with the A1 to A3 goaltender in mind. The program is all about introducing each participant to the fundamentals of the goaltending position, with the main focus of having FUN.

  • What does Learn to Save focus on?

As mentioned above, Learn to Save will focus on the four fundamentals of the goaltending position: stance, skating, eyes, positioning. Each skate, participating goaltenders will learn about these goaltending aspects and why they are so important to the position. In addition, each skate will feature games and drills designed to tackle other aspects of the position like rebound control, recoveries, and puck handling. This program is all about learning while having a great time!

  • What age groups are included in Learn to Save?
  • U9
  • U11 (A1-A3)
  • U13 (A1-A3)
  • U15 (A1-A3)
  • What seasons during the year does Learn to Save run?

The first Learn to Save program ran during April and May, 2022. While the next allotment of Learn to Save programs isn’t scheduled yet, it is expected to run year-over-year.

  • How do I get my child involved with Learn to Save?

To inquire about getting your child involved in Learn to Save, or any upcoming programs, please go to our ‘Contacts‘ page and send us a message.