To our valued customers:

As we all navigate through these challenging times while approaching new seasons in hockey (spring and summer), I want to take a minute to update you where we are at for future programs.

You have been a valued member of our program, and I want you to know that when we plan our spring and summer, we are specifically talking about you. We are not a “put up a poster and hope people sign up” program. We do our very best to plan our programs around you, our current customer.

The people we want in our programs come down to a few key points: 1) The player loves hockey. This is evident in their work ethic both on and off the ice, they listen to the coaches and consistently work to get better in all situations; 2) The player is a good player; 3) The parents are good people with a positive attitude. 

I want to assure you that when we have clear direction from the government for the resumption of sports activities, you will be sent an invite to our program. At this point, it is unclear what our facility costs will be, amount of bodies permitted on the ice, if we are allowed to scrimmage , etc. These factors greatly change the fine (and very important) details of our program.

This is not a guarantee that you have a spot as group sizes may be out of our control and in the hands of the provincial government, but you will be receiving an email invite from Dylan. Groups will be filled on a first come first served basis, so please watch for email updates from Dylan.

Our goal is to operate as close to “normal” as we can with our group sizes, cost and number of skates per week. We do have hopes (if allowed) to have more scrimmage options given this extraordinary time away from the game. 

In an ideal situation, a program may take place 1) Monday/Wednesday/Friday or; 2) Tues/Thurs/Fri, for example. There are many of our clients who want additional private or semi-private sessions separately, or on top of this, and those will also be available if your schedule is flexible.

I cannot wait to get back on the ice with you and play the game we all love. Our coaches have used this time to attend dozens of coaching clinics, prepare video, reading and getting better as coaches and leaders. We have enjoyed our time recently on the ODR, seeing many of you in the process. I am such a big believer in the ODR and how it relates to development, and I encourage you to find a way to keep improving. 

I hope this information is helpful in your planning (if we can even have plans in this world??) when thinking ahead to the spring and summer seasons. 

See you soon and be safe!

Riley Dudar