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speed. skill. smarts.

The first licensed Hockey Canada skill program in Manitoba, Canada.

Incorporating elite level playing experience with years of expertise in skill instruction and performance programming – making you a faster, smarter, and healthier player.

enhance your skills

Our passion is helping dedicated players, goaltenders, and coaches in the pursuit of excellence. Our speciality is developing skill, speed, and smarts. 

Evolution Hockey programs run year-round, prioritizing the principles of long-term athlete development. 

Train the right qualities, the right way, at the right time.

Developing the Skating Stride

individualized programming

Elevate your hockey sense, with our position-specific mentorship programs.

Work one-on-one with an Evolution Coach. providing you with individualized tools designed to enhance your growth as a player, goaltender, or at the association level.

evolve your health

Our approach to hockey development is about more than developing great players. We strive to develop great athletes, and even better people.

Your habits off the ice – personal health, nutrition, mindset – influence your habits on the ice.

Learn to integrate the keys of high performance living to unlock high performance play


The 200 Foot Player

The 200 Foot Player

The 200 Foot Player Many young players dream of playing at that “next” level, and will do whatever necessary to get there. While your passion and determination are certainly there,

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